About Us

Selecting effective safety clothing is a new and critical responsibility for many in industry today. With so many different types of hazards to protect against, it’s important to be certain that you are providing the best protection for your workers. ESP works closely with our customers to design and manufacture quality garments that are specific to each individual need. Our commitment to you, our valued customer is to continually provide you with top quality products and exceptional service.

ESP Inc. has partnered with Dupont, a leader in developing materials that act as effective barriers against workplace hazards. Tyvek ™* spun bonded olefin provides excellent protection against the passage or entrapment of harmful dry particulates such as lead dust, glass reinforced fibers, asbestos and nuclear dust. The Tychem* family of high performance fabrics provide protection against splashes of hazardous chemicals, pesticides, acids and bases.

In 1993 ESP Inc. started a second division to add another dimension to our ever expanding product line. Flame resistant garments when exposed to flame or thermal ignition sources will self extinguish thereby minimizing the injury of a worker from burning clothing. Westex Inc. provides ESP Inc. with flame resistant cotton fabrics that when exposed to an ignition source , will not continue to burn after the ignition source is removed, nor will they shrink, melt or drip moulten residue.

A process of constant improvement, through testing and the use of advanced manufacturing techniques, have ensured that our products remain current and of the highest quality.